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Meet the Artist

One part Rat Pack, one part Rosie Clooney, Suede is the "Diva la Difference" - sassy, smooth and simply intoxicating. Think sophisticated pop/jazz, think naughty blues with a sizzling trumpet, think love songs that will make you swoon. Think funny, think wow - what a set o' pipes!

Imagine a cross between Adele, Diana Krall and Bette Midler and you'll be approaching some idea of Suede's powerful presence, musical talents, and well honed skills, let alone her immense joy in entertaining. Pop/Jazz/Blues phenom Suede plays piano, guitar and trumpet, but voice is her first instrument and entertaining is clearly her first love. She is a consummate entertainer and song stylist among the likes of Tony Bennett and company - the classic singer's singer. She sings original material and pop, blues and jazz standards like nobody you've ever heard while jammin' with some iteration of her fabulous combo - solo to trio and beyond. When she's really cookin' her NYC based nine piece Dangerous Big Band Horns join in to blow the roof off the joint.

A native of New York, Suede knew early on that she wanted to make singing her life. Her natural talent wowed friends and family throughout her childhood, culminating in her first "bar gigs" while still in high school. Completely self taught until her college years, Suede then began formal training in classical voice and trumpet, obtaining a Bachelor of Music degree before launching her musical career shortly after graduation. She started out in the Baltimore/Washington area playing local clubs from Baltimore to Harrisburg, PA down to Richmond, VA and everywhere in between, seven nights a week, booking the gigs, running her own sound and traveling in her trusty Toyota hatchback, which somehow fit all her instruments and sound gear. Indeed, the requisite dues have been paid as Suede has evolved from literally playing 'Proud Mary' behind chicken wire to packing the best concert halls and jazz clubs in the US and Europe. Easily Suede Music, her own record label founded in 1988, allows Suede to maintain complete artistic control and make independent creative choices in all aspects of her work.

From astounding a cappella, incredibly intimate ballads, and smokin' trumpet solos, to "bring down the house" belting blues, Suede delivers it all with her own unique blend of warmth, wit and musical artistry.

Site Photo Credits: Brad Fowler - Song of Myself ; Irene Young; Judy Francesconi; Susan Daniel. Thank You All!

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