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Here is a sampling of reviews
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"Wicked exciting!"
-Boston Globe

"A great voice, even better enthusiasm and an almost giddy delight at entertaining audiences that, if bottled, would make every anti-depressant on the market obsolete."
-Steppin' Out Arts, NY

" Voices like hers come along maybe once in a generation!"
-New York Post

"A great pop & jazz song stylist of all manner of material.
Her voice is clear, pure, marvelously musical."
- San Francisco Examiner

"What can be said about Suede is what can be said about most pioneering women with unstoppable spirit and moxie to boot: she kicks ass. Not only does Suede rock, she rolls out the welcome mat for each and every one of us. Young, old, gay, straight, and everyone in between. This musical maven doesn't just sing to you, she sings for you. Her voice takes you to the places you've always wanted to go. Ethereal, moonlit places. She can tickle the ivories, bring it to you on guitar, or rally the troops with her trumpet. But it's her voice, with its unmistakable harmony and spectral melody, that is guaranteed to give you goose bumps the size of cherries. And this girl has fans, honey. We're talking Grateful Dead, red-eye flight, 900-mile road trip fans."
-WOMO, Washington, DC

"Thank you for the most incredible night of my life in an audience. You are to DIE for!"
-Bea Arthur

" Whether your love is blues, jazz, or pop, you're not likely to have a chance to hear your favorites performed with more skill or sheer beauty than Suede delivers. Suede's voice is a magnificent thing: if you've never had the pleasure, I would strongly suggest you make time in your busy schedule...That voice, with its purity of tone and huge range, thrills the audience as it swoops and stretches, purrs and belts, scats and growls...It would be hard not to find something to love at Suede's performance. "
-Provincetown Magazine

"Wow. Great singer, great style, GREAT concert!"
-Hartford Courant

"Eine Grosse Blueslady!"
-DerBund (Bern, Switzerland)

"Suede will rub you the right way!"
-Provincetown Banner

"Her voice is like peppermints dipped in honey"
-CHTV (Christchurch, New Zealand)

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